About Campus Maps
About Campus Maps

About Campus Maps:

Different maps may serve different purposes. In addition. many people find different types of maps easier or harder to use. As a consequence, to ensure you have the best possible experience, we have chosen to include three different types of maps. These maps are described below, and (unless otherwise indicated) instructions for using the map are included with the tab for the map. 

The Campus Interactive Map:
This map was created for Yale for use on PC's. It appears to be compatible with Androids and most versions of iPhones. It is easy to navigate, but explaining this process can be difficult. We recommend that before using the map on your mobile phone, you access it on a PC and familiarize yourself with its operation. (The URL for this map, on a PC, is http://map.yale.edu/map/.

A Visual Map of the Campus (tab labeled "Campus Map" : This map is effectively a standard "paper and ink" map that is available for reference on this mobile site.

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