Parking Details
Friday through Sunday

University lots will be open to the public from 4 pm Friday, May 17, through Sunday, May 19 .

For locations of all University lots, see the Custom Google Map and Parking Map tabs in this section.


Selected Recommendations for Commencement Weekend

Guests of Davenport and Pierson Colleges as well as those from the Schools of Architecture and Art may wish to use the Howe Street garage throughout Commencementweekend. From Chapel Street, turn right onto Howe Street. The garage is on the right. An attendant will be on hand to assist. (Also scroll down for Google directions)

Commencement Day

On Monday , Satellite parking with wheelchair-accessible shuttle service
to Old Campus is available on Monday from 7:30 to 9:45 am from Pierson-Sage garage near the Peabody Museum on Whitney Avenue.

Overflow parking with shuttle service to Old Campus will be provided at Science Park garage
, 276 Winchester Avenue.

Both garages are open to guests on Monday only . (Scroll down for Google directions)


Individuals with Disabilities

Cars with handicapped tags or license plates will be accommodated in Yale Lot 51 from 4 pm Friday through Monday .

Additional handicapped parking will be provided on Monday on the surface lots near Ingalls Hockey Rink at 202 Prospect Street.

Guests of the School of Medicine are advised to use the Temple Street Garage, 40 Temple Street, or the Air Rights Garage, 40 York Street. Handicapped parking will be available at the Amistad Garage, with handivan access to Old Campus on Monday.

Scroll down for Google directions

Amistad Garage (Monday, Added Handicapped Parking)
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