School of Medicine

Monday May 20th

10:30 am 
University Commencement exercises, Old Campus.

Guests who do not wish to attend the University ceremony on Old Campus may view the ceremony via simulcast in the Anylan Center (TAC) auditorium, 300 Cedar Street , starting at 10:00 am.

12:30 pm 
The School of Medicine diploma ceremony will begin at 12:30 pm at Amistad Park ,
located at the corner of Cedar Street and Washington Street.

1:45 pm
Following the ceremony, at approximately 1:45 pm, there will be a reception in
Edward S. Harkness Hall
for the graduates, their family and friends at 367 Cedar Street. 

Tickets are required for both the diploma ceremony and reception, with each degree candidate receiving a total of eight free tickets (one for the candidate plus seven for guests).  Ticket distribution, beginning in late April, will be coordinated between students and the School of Medicine's Office of Student Affairs. 

Guests should not contact the School of Medicine directly for tickets; rather, they should make arrangements through the graduate. Questions about the School of Medicine Commencement activities may be referred to the School of Medicine's Office of Student Affairs, 203 785-2644 

In the event of extremely severe weather, the diploma ceremony will move to Mary S. Harkness Auditorium , but with very limited access (3 tickets per graduate, including graduate). Mary S. Harkness Auditorium is located in the Sterling Hall of Medicine, 333 Cedar Street.  

All other guests are invited to watch the ceremony via simulcast in the Anylan Center (TAC) auditorium, 300 Cedar Street; the Brady Auditorium ,310 Cedar Street; or the Fitkin Amphitheater, 330  Cedar Street. 

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Old Campus Anylan Center Auditorium Amistad Park Edward S. Harkness Hall Mary S. Harkness Auditorium Brady Auditorium Fitkin Amphitheatre

The White Coat Ceremony, Aug. 2009 The 2013 graduates four years ago at The White Coat Ceremony, which marked the start of their study of medicine
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