Stremed Ceremonies Instructions
Instructions for Viewing Streamed Ceremonies

Test Before Ceremonies
These instructions are included to ensure that when ceremonies begin you are able to view them on your phone. The University is streaming ceremonies using a live You Tube streaming, which may not be compatible with certain browsers. This may be particularly true for iPhone users.

If you are planning to use your phone to watch streamed ceremonies, please use the test video feed below, together with these instructions before you finalize any viewing arrangements that rely on your phone to be certain you are able to view the feed.

Viewing Instructions
1.) Turn your phone on it's side so that it is in landscape view (see image below).

2.) Scroll down to the 24 hour live YouTube streaming "pet channel" at the bottom of this page, and center the image on your phone (see image below). *

3.) Click to turn on the channel and see if it plays on your phone.

4.) For some Androids, the video may only run properly if you do not enlarge the image to full screen.

5.) To determine if you can enlarge the large video to full screen, pause the video. Then, use the control button on the lower right.

If the video is running properly (either at it's original size or at the full screen size, you can repeat these instructions and view the live streams of Yale ceremonies at the same size as this test video.

Click Here to Return to the Streamed Ceremonies page.

5.) If your phone does not display this pet channel, make sure you have the latest version of your browser. If not, install the updated browser, and repeat instructions (1) through (4) above.

6.) If updating your browser does not solve this display problem, try downloading and installing the most recent version of the Chrome browser.

In the unlikely event this does not solve the problem, then it is likely your phone is not compatible for viewing live YouTube video streams.

*Note: This channel has no relationship with Yale University. It is used here because it is available at all times, and therefore allows this test before Yale's streamed YouTube ceremonies begin. 
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